A313 Pure Vitamin A 50g with FREE Shipping!

A313 Pure Vitamin A 50g with FREE Shipping!


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VOGUE, "...full of skin-clearing, wrinkle-blitzing Vitamin A."

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is the best over-the-counter, pharmacy-grade French vitamin A pomade used for treating fine lines. The skin naturally converts A313 to a mild retinoic acid approximately 10-15 minutes after application. The exfoliating effect minimizes fine lines/wrinkles with repeated use.

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Generally it is best applied at night, and sunscreen is recommended if A313 is on skin outdoors. If sensitivity occurs reduce use to once every 2-3 days or as recommended by a dermatologist. This overview is not a substitute for medical advice. 200,000 U.I. pure vitamin A concentrate. *Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women. Please consult your doctor. Buy now with confidence.

Net-a-Porter, "This product does wonders for erasing fine lines."

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