A313 Vitamin A Cream from France Reduces Wrinkles with French Pharmacy Quality Ingredients

The consistency of A313 pomade at first glance is a thick vitamin a that almost resembles Vaseline with a different odor. The ingredients of A313 cream of course are different with French pharmacy quality vitamin a, which users can actually get too much of if overindulging in A313. Pregnant women are not advised to take this product since the vitamin a can tax the liver and be passed into the breast milk of nursing mothers to their babies.

This anti-aging A313 cream is the choice of celebrities and beauty pageant winners the world over, and has been featured in Goop and top fashion magazines. According to the website Avibon.com, A313 cream (which you can buy on the Avibon.com website) has been featured in VOGUE Magazine, Elle, Allure and others.

The vitamin a cream A313 is usually mentioned along with other cult favorite beauty products and skin creams from France specifically – Biafine emulsion with Trolamine, Ialuset hyaluronic acid, Homeoplasmine, Embryolisse, and others. The reason for French skin care and beauty cream popularity is due to their quality ingredients.

Homeoplasmine has calendula flower extract for example, and Biafine cream for burns and post radiation-therapy and laser therapy or skin peels is also plant based. Ialuset, believe it or not, is synthesized hyaluronic acid originally found in rooster combs and certain foods. A study of Japanese seniors living to be near 100 years old high up in the mountains of Japan revealed their diet rich in hyaluronic acid was the secret to their youthful skin, hair, and overall health.

The way A313 works is by the skin’s natural ability to convert vitamin A into a mild retinoic acid around 15 minutes after the vitamin a pomade has been applied to the skin’s surface. It creates a mild exfoliating effect that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It’s advisable not to use A313 vitamin a on a daily basis. It can dry out the skin or make it irritated and result in too much vitamin A being processed by the liver. Also, the A313 vitamin A cream can amplify the sun’s harmful rays so it is best applied at night, and it’s advisable to buy a sunscreen, like that available at Avibon.com from LaRoche Posay. Their Anthelios Fluide Extreme is a popular add-on to A313 cream.