Homeoplasmine 40g

Homeoplasmine 40g


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Style Magazine—"Pretty much every makeup artist, Francophile, and international beauty junkie swears by Homeoplasmine as the go-to for chapped lips and dry patches. Unsurprisingly, it’s as awesome as they say and the aluminum tube is really satisfying to use."

Stylist.com (UK)—"Another perennial backstage beauty must-have, Homeoplasmine is the insider’s alternative to Vaseline. An emollient that cures chapped and dry skin; it softens lips with a matte velvety finish."

Avibon.com featured site on Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop.com—"Meant for skin irritations, Homeoplasmine is also a life-saver when it comes to dry, winter-ravaged skin."

Homeoplasmine is a homeopathic ointment made for skin irritations, containing extracts of plants and an antiseptic. It is formulated to relieve irritation of the nasal mucous membranes associated with colds and rhinitis, scratches, grazes, bruises and cracks of the skin—especially dry, chapped lips. 

Homeoplasmine ingredients are Calendula officinalis, Phytolacca officinalis, Bryonia, Benzoin, Boric acid, and Vaselinum album.

Avibon.com featured website in VOGUE (May 7 Edition)

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