Biafine ACT Emulsion 139.5g

Biafine ACT Emulsion 139.5g


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What is Biafine and what is BiafineACT?
If you look closely at the ingredients of Biafine and BiafineACT (both made by the same company) they list the same ingredients. So why the two names? 

Avibon staff personally reached out and got confirmation that the two products are identical in terms of ALL ingredients and the ratios of those ingredients. The manufacturer formulated its product, ran some clinical trials, and called it Biafine. It then used this clinical trial data to make it so in some parts of the world it could require a prescription (not in France) which commands a higher price in some countries, especially when not covered by insurance.

In order to also capitalize on over-the-counter, non-prescription sales at the same time, the manufacturer simply took the exact same product and called it "BiafineACT" and did not submit it for any clinical trials or apply to make it require any prescription.

In both cases, there have never been any documented cases of harm from using either product the same as everyday body lotion. Of course, the special plant-based ingredients are something of a miracle. The information below refers to both Biafine and Biafine ACT and the terms are used interchangeably:

In order to serve a broader audience than ever before, we are sharing this information and offering BiafineACT to help buyers be 100% compliant with any local restrictions. 

The clinical benefits of Biafine (and ACT) to stimulate all phases of wound healing have been studied in the United States prior to U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval in 2006, and these benefits underscore the heritage of the product's over-the-counter use in France for over 25 years. Biafine contains non-toxic ingredients in a non-steroidal, herbal base and its uses include burn dressings and post-treatment for cosmetic and plastic surgery and dermatology treatments. It is also popularly used on sunburns and is the #1 post-radiation treatment cream.

Net-a-Porter, "Whether it’s sunburn, dry skin or minor abrasions, this soothes skin back to health."

Biafine and Biafine ACT contain equal amounts of Trolamine--a topical, water-based emulsion that penetrates the skin to hydrate the underlying tissues. The formulation is an emollient, which softens scarred and dead superficial tissue upon penetration and hydration, to promote healing. Biafine enhances autolytic debridement, which is the body's mechanism to eliminate dead tissue as part of the healing process by enhancing macrophage recruitment to the wound site. A moist dressing and increased macrophage recruitment for natural healing reduce the need to remove dead and scarred tissue surgically. As an emulsion, Biafine also provides a barrier similar to hydrogels which protect the wounds against further bacterial contamination.

BiafineACT is used to treat burns, skin irritations, superficial wounds and dryness. Its popularity in France has been for its hydrating properties and effectiveness on sunburned skin and scrapes. Clinical studies were conducted in the United States for burns, wound healing and radiation.

Application Wound and burn management involve methods to enhance tissue regeneration and to minimize infection during the healing process. Since autolytic debridement is the preferred method for removing dead and scarred tissue, moist dressings are needed and must be changed daily. Biafine is liberally applied to the skin and covered with a dressing, such as gauze. The dressing is changed every 24 hours, with reapplication of Biafine.

Effects While Biafine is an emulsion, it is non-comedogenic because it stimulates tissue debridement, hydration and regeneration. It promotes antibacterial activity. Initial application may produce a slight tingling sensation from the penetrating properties of the formulation. Biafine has been studied in clinical trials for use after plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Contraindications and Warnings BiafineACT is for topical use only and should not be used on bleeding wounds and skin rashes (especially those caused by an allergic reaction). All wounds, burns and irritations should be cleaned before application and bandaging. Biafine does not contain any sunscreen, because it is applied after prolonged sun exposure.

Essential Day Spa Forum, "Biafine[ACT] is the holy grail as far as post-laser, radiation, cosmetic peels or microdermabrasion, IPL's and procedure healing."

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