A313 Pure Vitamin A 50g

A313 Pure Vitamin A 50g


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A313 is the best over-the-counter, pharmacy-grade French vitamin A pommade used for treating fine lines. The skin naturally converts A313 to a mild retinoic acid approximately 10-15 minutes after application. The exfoliating effect minimizes fine lines and wrinkles with repeated use. Generally it is best applied at night, and sunscreen is recommended if A313 is on skin outdoors. If sensitivity occurs reduce use to once every 2-3 days or as recommended by a dermatologist. This overview is not a substitute for medical advice.

Net-a-Porter Feb. 28 Issue—This product does wonders for fine lines.
Style.com—Avibon is a must purchase while in Paris to keep wrinkles at bay.
VOGUE—Avibon is full of skin-clearing wrinkle-blitzing Vitamin A.
Gwyneth Paltrow—I know an older movie star using Avibon with the most amazing skin!

• 200,000 U.I. pure vitamin A concentrate
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*Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women. Please consult your doctor.

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