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Avibon.com Company Information
Avibon.com ships worldwide for free. Allow 7-10 business days for shipping. Orders not received in 30 days are elligible for a replacement or full-refund.

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Contact Information
Avibon.com (U.S. Office)
1150 E. 2700 S.

Suite G50
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Tel. (801) 895-4168

Avibon.com (France Office)
3 Pl. Général Marshall
Nice, France 06000

Email: info@avibon.com

Customer Testimonials
"Ordered online at Avibon.com. The process was seamless. Free shipping is brilliant! You get an email confirmation when the product is shipped and a few days later, got my package in the mail! Very excited to start using it. Thanks Avibon.com."
Elizabeth A., Hillsborough, New Jersey

"I got it!!! Thank you!!! This product must be the best kept secret in the U.S. My order shipped March 30th and arrived at my door April 7th. I will be re-ordering when I run out at a later date." Mary V., Syracuse, New York

"I ordered at Avibon.com all the way from Australia, and received my order at my door just as promised. Thanks Avibon.com." Jessica B., Australia

"I got my Avibon from Avibon.com days after it was mailed to my home in Salt Lake City—just as advertised on the site. I had a trouble-spot and Avibon was the only thing that healed it. Thanks!" Kathy L., Salt Lake City, UT